Percona Toolkit for windows

Hi Guys,

I am totally aware that there are no percona toolkit installation files available for windows.

Perhaps, I think we can use some of the Percona toolkit features in windows with Cygwin as itsupportst Perl and bash.

Can anyone find any documentation or any video where it explains how to use Cygwin for percona toolkit in windows.

this is the only thing I found so far, which is not much of my use as it talks about mysql on windows.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Sgeddam

You’re right, PT is not developed nor tested to work on Windows. You may find success using Cygwin, or perhaps the Linux Bash Shell for Windows 10.

What most users of MySQL on Windows do is provision a compute instance running Linux and run the PT tools remotely, across the network. I realize this isn’t a full solution since some tools won’t gather 100% of the data (pt-stalk for example can run with –mysql-only but misses now OS level metrics).

Sorry I can’t be of more service,

Thank you for the comments Michael Coburn