ProxySQL driver for C# Dotnet Core


I’m getting an error when connecting to ProxySQL from a DotNet Core app. ProxySQL is running in front of a few MySQL databases. The databases are a Percona XtraDB MySQL cluster with Galera replication.
I stop the debugger here, at conn.Open()

var connStrBuilder = new MySqlConnectionStringBuilder()
            Database = "redacted",
            UserID = "redacted",
            Password = "redacted",
            Server = "redacted",
            Port = 6033,
            AllowUserVariables = true,
            CharacterSet = "utf8mb4"

        var conn = new

Then I “Step Over” and get the following error:

I also tried without including the CharacterSet, but got the same error.
The MySQL Connector is from the Nuget Package called “MysqlConnector” version 1.2.1

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I figured it out. The percona configuration mysql-server_version was set to 8.0, however my actual mysql version was 8.0.19-10 (a mismatch) so setting the ProxySQL config to 8.0.19-10 fixed it.

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