Problem with restore with --replset-remapping

Hl, I’m testing new PBM version (2.0.2) to prepare upgrade from 1.8.1 and I have problem with restoring to new cluster. My procedure:

  1. Prepare new cluster
  2. Change prefix for s3 (minio) pointing to current cluster from which we want to restore (with force reconfig)
  3. Call pbm restore with --replset-remapping

Restore starts but finishes with error:

mongorestore: restore mongo dump (successes: 0 / fails: 0): I/O failure reading beginning of archive: compose: metadata: read: download 'my-bucket/2022-11-15T23:13:25Z/my-target-cluster/metadata.json': NoSuchKey: The specified key does not exist.
	status code: 404
  • pbm list and status with --replset-remapping work as expected
  • source backup exists in S3: my-bucket/my-source-cluster/2022-11-15T23:13:25Z/my-source-cluster-rs0/
  • restore in place works as expected
  • above procedure works with pbm 1.8.1
  • restoring backup made with pbm 1.8.1 also worked for 2.0.2

Do you have some idea how to solve this problem?

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