Problem with pbm config --force-resync

Hi guys,

I am trying to do a restore test of one of our older clusters on a new one and I cannot get pbm config --force-resync to work correctly.
Both source and destination replicasets are running mongodb 4.0.24 and pbm 2.0.2, they have the same exact backup storage setup.

When I run pbm config --force-resync on the destination cluster , pbm logs shows that the operation starts and succeeds, however no entries are created in the pbmBackups collection. If I manually insert a backup entry from the old cluster into the new cluster, pbm list shows it and it is possible to restore from it. However if I rerun pbm config --force-resync the pbmBackups collection becomes empty again.
Is there a way to get more debug information from force-resync to understand why this is happening ?

Thanks a lot