Problem with mysql load


We recently moved from 32 bit linux centos to 64 bit linux machine of centos. Now we use mysql 5.0.45 version of 64 bit rpm package.

In previous 32 bit machine, there was not too much load. It was almost under 1 at any time. We were using 5.0.22 version of mysql that time. After we moved to 64 bit OS and Mysql 5.0.45, load always from 3 to 4, which is high as per our knowledge. We have not changed anything in my.cnf much. We banging our head for a long time how to make this load under 1, but still no solution yet.

Is this problem with 64 bit OS or something wrong with mysql configuration of 64 bit version.

Does the new machine have more CPUs/cores?

Did you copy over your my.cnf file, or just use Centos’ defaults?

Yes, we have lot of CPU and 32 G RAM.

We have copied my.cnf file from old 32 bit and also fine tuned my.cnf file so that it will use more RAM for mysql.

After fine tuning it came now around 2. But we want to make it always under 1.