Problem retrieving data the database where the files were moved ibdata1, ib_logfile0


We are in a very dire situation. We have a production server with Percona MySQL Server v.5.6.15.

On september 18th one of our operators, moved files from /var/lib/mysql/ while the database was up. The files were: ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, and the two binary log files: mysql-bin.000010 and mysql-bin.000011.

To move the files our operator ran “gzip -c FILE > FILE.gz”, downloaded the files and then removed both the gzip’ed files and the original files.

Last friday the database stopped working and it didn’t start. We found out about the files being moved then. We stopped the database and copied the directory to another place.

Then we tried recovering from the .ibd files (we had “file per table” set) and we followed a post from your BLOG about recovering from a lost ibdata1 file (

We were successful recovering the data and imported all the data into our new database. After that we found that the data was valid until the date the the files were moved. We tried replaying the transaction log, but there are no transactions on those dates.

Is it possible for you to recover this data? We have:

The complete database directory. The original (compressed and moved) files, the files that MySQL created after moving the originals.

This is a production system that provides services to multiple customers, so we have decided to start the database and have moved all of the tables AUTOINCREMENT start values to some value that will give us room to import the records if we ever recover them.

Is this something that you can help us with? What would be the cost of this process? What would you need from us? If possible, can you estimate the time that it’d take you to recover the data?

Thank you,

Juan Carlos

Hi Juan Carlos,

This is a link to our 24x7 Emergency Contact Instructions , please get in touch with our Oncall Support Engineer to discuss further about the cost and process involved in the data recovery case. Easiest and most convenient way is through Skype.

Just to add this link for further reference. For more details get in touch with us on Skype.