percona data recovery tool for innodb 0.5 page_parser

I used MySQL 5.6, InnoDB Engine, with innodb_file_per_table=1
I know that every table stores its data in .ibd file but now I lost .ibd file for two tables
now I’m using percona-data-recovery-tool-for-innodb 0.5 and I do have a structure for table and also ibdata1 file, now i managed to recover some data but the column next to the primary key is empty and that’s the most important column, and every other columns are full of correct data
my question is that does that version 0.5 supports MySQL 5.6, or can I get only specific columns from constraints_parser, page_parser

Hi Bayar,

can you post the structure of your table, a “SHOW CREATE TABLE <table_name>\G” ?
I believe that name field should be a VARCHAR and thus the tool should work with it just fine, however it might not be able to restore everything.

What was the table definition and which column was missing. If this a BLOB column you need to specify the path to the external pages to actually parse them.
-b – Directory where external pages can be found. Usually it is pages-XXX/FIL_PAGE_TYPE_BLOB/

here’s my table structure
create table customers (
id int auto_increment primary key,
name varchar(120) unicode not null,
phone varchar(32),
location varchar(255),
isDeptOn int not null,
funds decimal(9, 2) not null,
mandob_id int not null,
alert_days int,
maxDebt decimal(9, 2),
index (name),
index (mandob_id)

it restores location which is also varchar but the second column it doesn’t recover it and don’t know why