Problem connecting to Percona PAM enabled MySQL Server using MySQL Workbench ver6.1.4


We are testing client connections to a Percona PAM enabled MySQL server on RH Linux. I am trying to connect to the database using Workbench version 6.1.4 on Windows 7. I have checked the “Enable Cleartext Authentication Plugin” toggle box. When i try to connect, i see the below error.

[COLOR=#FF0000]Operation failed: Authentication plugin ‘dialog’ cannot be loaded: The specified module could not be found.

I tried to connect the same data base using a java program. I faced the same problem. Then I found the below link and was able to get through after doing as suggested.

Is there a similar work around to connect from MySQL work bench from Windows ? How do we connect to this database from command line ?


I would like to share one of the post for how to configure PAM plugin with Percona. I hope you are following the same steps.

Also there are some well known bugs related to this. Please check if any workaround works for you.

Late posting, but when you search the internet for this stuff this and another posting (mine) on the MySQL Workbench forum come up. You can put dialog.dll from MariaDB for Windows (probably works w/ Percona’s as well, but not sure) into

c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib\plugin\dialog.dll

See,644192,651894#msg-651894 for further details about it.