Postgresql Upgrade 12 to 14

Hi All,

We are running with PostgreSQL 12.1 DB with 26TB (pg_upgrade) Currently planning for DB upgrade to 14! Kindly suggest on best option for upgradation ? Also best or stable version in 14/15/16 version to plan!

As of this date, I would suggest upgrading to PostgreSQL-15. You can follow the official upgrade documentation: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: 19.6. Upgrading a PostgreSQL Cluster process.
The fastest upgrade option is using Upgrading Data via pg_upgrade and the --link flag which creates hard links to the files on the old version cluster so you don’t need to copy data.

Before selecting any upgrade method please consider below as mentioned in PostgreSQL upgrade document:

For major releases of PostgreSQL, the internal data storage format is subject to change, thus complicating upgrades. The traditional method for moving data to a new major version is to dump and restore the database, though this can be slow. A faster method is pg_upgrade. Replication methods are also available

For such cases, Testing upgrades in Pre-prod is recommended before the Production upgrade.

It might be helpful for upgrades with minimal downtown: