Ports Being Used in Percona Postgres HA Environment

I want to set up an HA Environment using Alma Linux 9 and Percona 15.7 Distribution. Is there a list of firewall ports that needs to be open especially if I want to deploy the Nodes at 2 Data Centres? I have a list of the default ports will there be any other ports that I need to make note of. PostgreSQL: The default port for PostgreSQL is 5432. This needs to be open for database connections.
HAProxy: For HAProxy, you might have two ports open for connections:
Port 5000 for Primary Connections (Read-Write)
Port 5001 for Standby Connections (Read-Only).
ETCD: ETCD commonly uses port 2379 for client communication and 2380 for server-to-server communication.
PMM Client: The PMM Client’s default listen port is 7777. Depending on your architecture, other ports may also need to be exposed.
Keepalived: Keepalived uses the VRRP protocol, which typically operates on IP protocol number 112.