Can PMM server monitor Fujitsu Postgres Enterprise?

Hi everyone,

Currently, i have one server installed Fujitsu Postgres Enterprise version 14 (server A) and one server contain docker PMM-server (serverB). I installed pmm-agent on server A and it registered, but when i access to PMM console, i did not see any service of Fujitsu Postgres Enterprise. On PMM Inventory, i see service on PMM-server added with port 5432.

Fujitsu Postgres Enterprise using port 27500 for connecion, how can i change port number on pmm-client to discover right postgres instance on Fujitsu Postgres Enterprise server ?

Thank you so much


Hi @D_i_Nguy_n , welcome to the Percona Forums!

As you mentioned you added pmm-agent successfully, then you have a second operation to add the PostgreSQL service. The syntax will be:

pmm-admin add postgresql --port=27500 ...

This should get you started, don’t forget to set the --username and --password as needed. Refer to the Quick Start guide (Step 4) for additional guidance: