PMM2 - Query Analytics - Long Queries cut off with "...". EXPLAIN Not working as a result

Hi Guys,

First off thanks for this great tool.

In our project we have some rather long SQL queries that aren’t properly displayed in the Query Analytics Tab.

They are cut off at some point with … which causes the EXPLAIN tab to not work as well.

How can i fix this?


Hi @joshfiftyglad you liked PMM

does your db instance have event_statements_current and event_statements_history enabled, because in MySQL 5.6 these are disabled by default.

If you enable it using this it should solve the problem

UPDATE performance_schema.setup_consumers
WHERE NAME LIKE 'events_statements_history';

we have this marked as a documentation bug in case you want more details or want to keep a track of it.

thanks a lot for this. I’m on percona cluster 8.0

Very good this worked. Maybe this should be added to the PMM2 Mysql Service documentation?

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