MySQL Query Performance Troubleshooting doesn't show queries


I have imported MySQL Query Performance Troubleshooting dashboard - for PMM2, which was working well - I had all the data.

Now I spotted that it’s not giving data for queries. As I checked, no new version is uploaded since 12-07-2020.

when trying to edit the graph, it’s the error :

error unmarshaling query JSON the Query Model: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field Query.format of type sqlds.FormatQueryOption

Current version: 2.39.0

Any ideas how it can be solved ?

Hello @Ani_Ghoghoberidze,
Since this dashboard is not provided as part of the standard PMM deployment, there is no guarantee it will work with PMM. I see the creator of the dashboard is “perconalabs” which is a playground for our engineering team.
Looking at the source of this dashboard, the ‘CPU Intensive Queries’ formula has many statically defined hostnames and timestamps. Unless your servers are also named exactly the same, and you are looking at the same time period, you won’t see any metrics.
Additionally, I see the dashboard uses Prometheus which PMM has not used since version 1.

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@Ani_Ghoghoberidze It might be due to the below change; please modify your queries accordingly.


@Naresh9999 thank you very much, this fixed my issue.

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