PMM2 Docker image - how to use it with docker-compose?

I feel like duplicating the question would not be the best option. I have detailed my question/problem with an example in SO. Maybe someone can help me?

perconalab/pmm-client Docker image is not officially supported yet.That being said, you can run docker run perconalab/pmm-client:2.8 --help to see currently available options. Once we are ready to support it, we will move it to percona/pmm-client and document properly.

Any timeframe/roadmap available for that?
Anything I can do to help?

We don’t currently have a timeline which is mostly due to other priorities.  If you create an improvement request over on our Jira ( we can start tracking demand on it but so far demand has been low as far as I can tell.  I do think there’s another team inside percona that actually DOES do this for PMM2…I’ll ping them and see if they’ve got any hints/tips/tricks here.  I’ll also add it to my list for the next team meeting to see if there is anything you can help with because…why on EARTH would we decline help ;-) 

I could not post anything in the Jira as creating a new user just does not work - no error on creation, Just empties password field and gives new captcha. Tried 3+ times and I’m positive that captcha was correct.

Anyway I’m keeping an eye on this thread here. Not sure how helpfull I can be as I don’t know much about PMM and Docker skills are far from expert but let’s see maybe I can contribute somehow.

Can’t take credit for this, just relaying a suggestion from someone. It’s possible you’re getting a cryptic error message for client/server not being able to communicate.  In your PMM server configuration you specify pmm-server:

- 8100:80 

However in your PMM client definition you are trying to talk to the pmm server on port 443 which is open and listening inside the container but not externally


One thing to note, in PMM 2, while you can specify any port you want the client and server to communicate over it MUST be secure communication…so if you try to force everything over port 80, it will not work unless you map the port 80 on the external side of the container to port 443 inside.

I’ll let the IT team know about your experience registering for an account in Jira to see if there’s an issue they need to resolve.  

I’ve got one working that I built, are you having issues with anything in particular?