PMM2 changelog update request

Hello mods,

We recently updated from PMM 2.30.0 to 2.31.0. In the release notes, it says that grafana is updated to 9.x, but we didn’t know that grafana 9.x removed all support for ES clusters before 7.10. This broke some of our panels and alerts because one ES cluster for legacy servers is still on an older version.

I would like to request a specific note be added that mentions the grafana 9.x upgrade brings with it a removal of all ES support for older than ES 7.10 versions.


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Hello Todd.

This is a good one! Thank you for letting us know. We will discuss it with the team to see what kind of note we can put there.

Could you please share a few things:

  1. What do you use ElasticSearch for?
  2. What did you do? Upgraded ElasticSearch?

More on ElasticSearch support in v9 on Grafana forum.

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