Development environment not working


I have just forked and cloned this repository: GitHub - percona/grafana-dashboards: PMM dashboards for database monitoring

I read the contribution guidelines: grafana-dashboards/ at main · percona/grafana-dashboards · GitHub

I have copied and pasted the docker-compose file, made some changes and run npm run dev.
However I do not see those changes in Grafana even after restarting the container and run again npm run dev.

I have inspected inside the pmm-server container and my changes are there, so it should work.
Has anyone any idea what is going on? Maybe outdated instructions in the Contribution guidelines?


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I have inspected the grafana.ini and the plugin path is /srv/grafana/plugins not /var/lib/grafana/plugins.

Would be nice to fix it, or I could make a PR.

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Hi @ciccio
A PR would be welcome - thank you!!

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