PMM2 - no query analytics for MySQL


Successfully added 2 hosts to PMM2 instance. Linux and Mysql metrics are working fine, but Query Analytics section is empty.
How to debug this problem?

Here’s my command to add service

pmm-admin add mysql --query-source=slowlog --username=root --password=1 sl-mysql

pmm-admin list

Service type Service name Address and port Service ID
MySQL /service_id/f977c1e8-8bd5-4d34-ac21-aeb84d525824

Agent type Status Agent ID Service ID
pmm-agent connected /agent_id/bb997998-0f44-4721-ae67-c281b7017ea1
node_exporter running /agent_id/0a2f203c-062c-4faf-a285-c42968f34398
mysqld_exporter running /agent_id/8d5e4227-f2d9-4ab8-a000-e8a963ecf19c /service_id/f977c1e8-8bd5-4d34-ac21-aeb84d525824
qan-mysql-slowlog-agent running /agent_id/5f485939-b8fd-40f8-8ad3-e43e4ae4d737 /service_id/f977c1e8-8bd5-4d34-ac21-aeb84d525824

pmm-admin status
Agent ID: /agent_id/bb997998-0f44-4721-ae67-c281b7017ea1
Node ID : /node_id/81d30999-cdd2-4daf-af10-6a5a9cc37d08

PMM Server:
URL : https://admin:***********@**********:443/
Version: 2.0.1

Connected : true
Time drift: 1.217224ms
Latency : 355.723µs

/agent_id/0a2f203c-062c-4faf-a285-c42968f34398 NODE_EXPORTER RUNNING
/agent_id/5f485939-b8fd-40f8-8ad3-e43e4ae4d737 QAN_MYSQL_SLOWLOG_AGENT RUNNING
/agent_id/8d5e4227-f2d9-4ab8-a000-e8a963ecf19c MYSQLD_EXPORTER RUNNING

I have the same issues :(. If i remove the service and add it again for one minute data is imported.

Just to be sure, have you enable slow_query log in your DB config?

Is it possible that you just don’t have any queries reaching the value for long_query_time set on your MySQL instance?

Nope, long_query_time = 0. Just no queries at all. Also, I have only 1 mysql instance working in monitoring out of 3 servers.

Finally figured it out!
The problem is clickhouse. It’s prebuilt for CPUs with support of SSE 4.2 (see, so it cannot be used with older CPUs.
Symptoms are: clickhouse cannot start in docker: Illegal instruction (core dumped)