PMM2 and custom metrics.

Hello. Does pmm2 support this ?
I want to make new dashboard to monitor user statistics based on performance_schema, not on information_schema.

Maybe you have any other idea or experience.

lorraine.pocklington maybe you have any idea? ))

Hey there, thanks for asking Stateros (and for answering some users’ questions recently too! :slight_smile: )
I’ll get in touch with the team and see if I can find out the status on this.
It’s Thanksgiving so it may be a little delayed… let’s see.

Stateros , this feature exists in PMM2 and improved. For now, you can use custom queries in 3 resolutions. Please see /usr/local/percona/pmm/collectors/custom-queries/mysql/ .
There will be 3 folders and you can put your file with queries in needed resolution

lorraine.pocklington thanks a lot

roma.novikov I will check it and try. Thanks.

roma.novikov Hello, thank you, everything works fine and very easy to implement any idea.
Just one question about resolutions. Whats the difference between high, medium and low?