Query Response Time Details dashboard

As I understand it, the MySQL Query Response Time Details dashboard is based on the query_response_time.so plugin which has been deprecated and its functionality has been incorporated into the Performance Schema (The file query_response_time.so does not exists into mysql version Ver 8.0.19 ).
How can I get access to these metrics, provided that Slow query log is used?

I use version 8 of Percon server

Hello @life_teo,
Unfortunately with PMM and MySQL 8, the query response time data is not processed and displayed. You would need to enable the correct performance_schema tables and then write a custom query in PMM to collect the data.


Please also comment on this ticket for adding the support back to PMM

Query execution metrics are already available in the QAN, so the current situation from our PMM developers is why this additional information is needed and why the current information is not enough.

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