How to add a custom query explanation

Seeking help,
I am fairly new to PMM and I been creating Prom queries with the provided metrics on the MySQLExpoter. But I’m wanting to create and add to PMM a new query which just collects a count of mysql.users.
So the query looks like this: select count(*) from mysql.user;
I’ve tried some methods in the collectors folder and trying pmm-admin, I feel like I am doing something wrong.
current version of percona is 2.38.1

Have you read through this blog post on creating custom queries?

Yes, I’ve followed the steps and added the query on the mysql server not the PMM server under the medium resolution.
the query I am trying to create has this format.

    query: "select count(*) from mysql.user;"
        usage: "GAUGE"
        description: "Count of Users created"

I am assuming from the forum it should populate automatically. I also tried a reboot on both the PMM and mysql server(Mariadb)

Ok. So now you should be able to create a new dashboard in the UI, create a graph element, and populate it from the metric mysql_users_user_cnt

That’s where the problem is I doesn’t appear on the dashboard and I began to question if I’m not doing something correctly or if I overlooked a step. But the page you provided is pretty straight forward. As a note I did restart the servers.

You might have a mistake. You have -user_cnt and it should be - user_cnt Note the spacing. Use a yaml syntax checker online to verify.

I figured out what the problem was for this particular query by trying to run usage as a GAUGE I wasn’t getting any results. Since I am running a count within the query changing it’s usage to COUNTER provided actual results. Other than that all the information and insight you provided to me was correct.