Percona xtrabackup bypass xbcloud locally for retore

I normally sync to my storage box which is running minio via xtrabackup and xbcloud put similar to Use the xbcloud binary with MinIO - Percona XtraBackup. Then in order to restore a backup I use this command:

xbcloud get s3://database/202311112041-full_backup --s3-endpoint='' --s3-access-key='minioadmin' --s3-secret-key='#####' --parallel=10 | xbstream -x -C restore --parallel=8

However, I want to restore the backup on the local minio server; So I want to access the backup but not have it go through xbcloud/s3 since I am executing the commands locally and just want to use xbstream to restore it.

Is this possible? What command would I run assuming s3://database/202311112041-full_backup correlates to /mnt/data/database/202311112041-full_backup

I believe that xbcloud breaks up the backup stream into equal sized fragments for storage into S3. If you simply run the equivalent of aws s3 ls s3://path/to/backup you’ll see what I mean. As such, you must use xbcloud to stitch the fragments back together for restore.