PMM with Digitalocean managed database

as I see from architecture the PMM client needs to be set up on DB host. is it possible to use PMM with Digitalocean managed database? is there any way to do that?

yes @ercan

You can add it as a service, like below.

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Thank you so much @Naresh9999.
I should have written more clearly. I want to monitor digitalocean managed database with PMM. I installed pmm server on my kubernetes cluster. I also installed the pmm client in the same cluster (which actually says to install it on the db host machine in the documentation, but in my case, it is not possible to install pmm client on managed db instance).
so currently It seems to be connected to the database somehow, it also gives some data such as transaction, locks, but there is no data such as query analytics or db cpu, memory usage.
In short, do you think it is worked without install any pmm client on digitalocean managed database instance?