Cant get PMM to work using documentation install instructions


I have been trying to get PMM to work on my local cluster, I can get it installed using a docker image and get the client installed on the DB host and register it successfully. I added the mysql checks and yet no data is returned to the PMM UI. So I setup a couple of droplets in Digital Ocean and repeated, still getting the same results.

I have tried trouble shooting the client but it appears like there are some deprecated command ie check-network. I used pmm-admin summary to have a look at the logs and I can see nothing that sticks out. Please see the below output of pmm-admin status, everything is running and the agent is connected.

Can someone please advise on how I can troubleshoot this further to find the issue?


Could you check statuses of prometheus targets (e.g. mysqld_exporter_agent_id_XXXX_hr-5s … )?


Please pay attention to endpoint links. It have to be networks that are reachable from the pmm server.

It could be shown or any private network ip that isn’t accessible for pmm-server networks.

If it’s so please specify the correct IP in a configuration command.


sudo pmm-admin config --server-url=https://admin:admin@/ --server-insecure-tls generic MyMySQLOnUbuntu