How to monitor MYSQL container on other server with PMM

If i want to monitor mysql-db (in docker container) on other server, which PMM server on other host (in VM/not in docker)… is this possible and what is the best way?.. Thanks

Hi @Arul_Ferian_Ramadlon
The simplest way, in your case, is to use Remote monitoring - MySQL - Percona Monitoring and Management
You can do this from UI, and the only requirement is to have a MySQL port open in mysql-db and possibly pmm server to connect to it.

Another option is:
Install the pmm-client package on your Host where mysql-db docker is running, then
pmm-admin add mysql for the DB in docker.
In both cases, you should use a performance scheme for QAN, as a slow log can be used in option (2 ) but is complicated to configure.

Please note that PMM is not currently supporting out-of-the-box Container monitoring, so you will not be able to see container metrics in case (2). You will see the Host and DB separately.

Thanks @Roma_Novikov