PMM GUI backup error


Hello, there is such a problem when trying to make a backup through PMM, if I do it through the PBM console, physical and logical backups are made and restored as required.

software “mongodb” is not installed: incompatible service

Steps to Reproduce:

OS: centos7
storage: local
create user test and run from this user:
percona mongodb, pbm
from root:
pmm-agent (install from repo), pmm (docker)
Add to root .bash_profile path to mongod


percona mongod v4.4.15-15
pbm-agent 2.5.0
pmm-agent 2.41.2
pmm 2.41.2 (pmm server installed in docker)


pmm-admin list
Service type Service name Address and port Service ID
MongoDB mongo_test_for_backup my_ip_test:27017 /service_id/95b4c8f1-8f2a-4111-ae43-dffac9337ddd

Agent type Status Metrics Mode Agent ID Service ID Port
pmm_agent Connected /agent_id/dca44468-20d3-436f-8387-1417c4aa0073 0
node_exporter Running push /agent_id/6e6118af-7ebc-4b27-9004-376b14015075 42000
mongodb_exporter Running push /agent_id/fdedbeec-acb0-4832-b94d-86d840d5ebc6 /service_id/95b4c8f1-8f2a-4111-ae43-dffac9337ddd 42002
mongodb_profiler_agent Running /agent_id/1e0511ae-2e83-435e-8749-295162935354 /service_id/95b4c8f1-8f2a-4111-ae43-dffac9337ddd 0
vmagent Running push /agent_id/8b079e74-c945-4ce8-8c65-8d0144611261 42001

Additional Information:

I did everything step by step as described in the documentation:

  1. first installed the required version of percona mongodb
  2. added the necessary roles for mongodb
  3. install PBM and check whether it works
  4. installed and connected PMM

monitoring is working, so I didn’t make any mistakes when setting it up, I think so
and i added service