MongoDB backup installation issues


I’m currently encountering an issue with MongoDB backup within PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management). I’ve followed all the installation steps outlined in the documentation, but I’m unable to get it to work as expected.

The problem arises when I attempt to create a new backup, and I receive the following error message:

“software “mongodb” is not installed: incompatible service”

To provide some context, I’ve set up three Google Compute Engine servers for MongoDB, comprising a Primary, Secondary, and Arbiter, all running on Debian. Additionally, I’ve established an additional server for PMM and configured an S3 bucket for storing backup data.

The MongoDB monitors appear to be functioning correctly, and my understanding is that PMM is installed within a Docker instance using the Easy-install script.

I’m seeking assistance in identifying what might be missing or misconfigured in my setup. If you possess the expertise, I’m open to the possibility of hiring someone to work alongside me to complete the installation successfully.

Any guidance or help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Shay, can you share exactly which steps have you followed to install the components? all 3 components (pmm-agent, pbm and mongod) need to be installed on all nodes for backups to work.

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Hi @Shay_Zalman,

Additionally, also let us know the following things -

  1. What MongoDB package you are using - PSMDB / MongoDB Community / MongoDB enterprise. ?
  2. Which MongoDB version?
  3. What kind of Backup type (Logical / Physical) are you trying to achieve through PMM? (Physical backups are not support for MongoDB Community / Enterprise)
  4. PMM version.
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Thanks for the response, I did install all three services on all three Mongodb servers (primary, secondary, arbitar)
Is there a way to check it’s installation status?

As for the package installation I used the PSBDB, latest version (6)
I have tried both Logical / Physical
Latest PMM version

Well something didn’t install properly I guess. Can you show us pbm service running? also show us the config

How can I output the pbm service status and config, do you have a cli command for it?


Kindly let us know about the deployment of replicaSet whether it is native deployment(rpm/yum based) or docker based or any other method.

Also let us know how did you install pbm in the cluster?

Below are some commands to check the status -

  • pbm status --mongodb-uri “mongodb://pbmuser:secretpwd@localhost:27017/?authSource=admin&replSetName=xxx”

Ref.: Percona Backup for MongoDB