PMM Grafana presents MySQL Query Analytics results in a corrupted way

When pressing om Query Analytics dashboard :

  1. The information is presented in a bit corrupted way, here’s an example :
  2. Also to present the list of queries - i have to “play” with Chrome visibility from 100% to 90% (for example). only after that the list/data are presented in a readable format.

How can this be improved ?

best regards,
Avi Vainshtein

Our PMM version is 1.15, docker and client platforma are Centos 7.5, the monitored MySQL is commitny edition 5.7.23.
Browser is Chrome v49 upon Windows desktop.

Hi avi vainshtein

Can you deploy 1.16 and confirm if the problem continues to exist? if so, we’d appreciate a bug report at

Thank you!

Hey Michael Coburn
I’ve upgraded both PMM server/docker and client/rpm to 1.16, but the behavior of problematic Query Analytics presentation still remains.
Please find attached a screenshot.

Hi avi vainshtein , that is most definitely incorrect. We would greatly appreciate a bug report when you have the time and then we can triage and attempt to solve - here’s the address: . And if you are a Percona Customer, please ensure you simply open a ticket at . Thanks!

The problem was resolved after i’ve upgraded the Chrome browser to v70 (as recommended by Percona support staff).
Many thanks.

Great to hear your issue was resolved!