PMM2 2.7.0 PMM Query Analytics Looks problematic T_T

Incomplete display, text is not very easy to describe, please download the Screen recording gif here

Hi @Fan
Looks like this is a bug. Please report it to and mention the Browser version and OS you are using. 
I’m also curious about your error about STT panel is absent on the Home dashboard  … this might be a broken update 

I had time to test it in the virtual machine environment today, and it seems that it is indeed a problem caused by the upgrade. A new installation of 2.7 does not have the above problems

@Fan , just fo our  statistics: what version this “problematic” install was and what virtualization do you use? 

PMM2.3, docker. 
Afterwards, it was discovered that my colleague used the update button on the home page to upgrade :confused: