PMM for Google CloudSQL Postgre

Im trying to monitor my CloudSQL postgre instance,
followed step by step instructions from page but simply dont work:
db=cloudsqladmin,user=postgres FATAL: pg_hba.conf rejects connection for host "10.X.X.X", user "postgres", database "cloudsqladmin", SSL off"

I can use psql to conect to instance;
Firewall are entirely open;
all comands run as sudo;

Is this an postgres user issue? Its possible to teach pmm to ignore table cloudsqladmin?

have you tried …

host cloudsqladmin postgres md5

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I cant reach pg_hba.conf, GCP dont let me touch this.
Looking in the docs, I found something in the postgres_exporter: exclude-databases, but I dont know how to use it with pmm.

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Solved, building my own postgres_exporter using flag exclude-databases :smiley:
Tks for all Forum and Discord


Thanks for confirming @and!

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@AND and everyone, for the sake of completeness here’s a bug in PMM project that tracks a fix for this behavior.