How can we configure pmm client on Google cloudsql instances

Hi Team,
For one of my requirement i am configuring Pmm2, able to install pmm server on the dedicated box ,however as my database is Google cloudsql instance , I cannot install pmm client in that machine

Please let me know how to install pmm client on cloudsql instance and configure the db for monitoring 

The main reason for this being , i need to capture the o.s metrics along with the postgres db metrics 
O.S metrics being cpu,disk,memory and so on …

Just posted on your other topic but for the sake of completeness here, the only way you can currently monitor Google Cloudsql instances is with the PMM Remote Monitoring feature (PMM-> PMM Add Instance –> Add a remote PostgreSQL | MySQL instance).  Your PMM server will need TCP access to your instance so you may have to fiddle with firewall rules as well as a username/password with sufficient access to the database to pull metrics for either Postgres or Mysql.  Hope this helps!

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I am able to fetch the db metrics but i want to pull the o.s metrics that’s what my question is initially