Tunnel Screen or Add Google Cloud SQL Instance option in Add instance Dash board

Hi Team,
Where can we find tunneling screen along with SSH KEY in PMM2 to add instance which is running on cloudsql
Neither did i find it in ADD INSTANCE tab , we have only for RDS but not for GOOGLE CLOUD
When Can we expect this options so that we can directly add the instance and monitor them in PMM2 

There’s no native support for Google cloudsql in PMM yet…instead we monitor those instances as "Remote {Postgres|Mysql|Mongo|Proxy} instance.  Just need to make sure you allow your PMM-server to talk to the relevant port in whatever firewalling you’ve got in place (and sometimes you have to battle multiple layers of firewalls).  Assuming you’re using Postgres (from another post you had) I’d install the postgres client and try to ‘psql -u <username> -h <googleSQL reachable IP/Hostname> -p 5432 -W’ to the instance from the PMM server.  If that works from the host than it’s almost certain you add the remote instance in the PMM UI.