Pmm DBaaS image registry for pods

Hello, is there any option how I can set default repository for image that is used by PMM DBaaS? e.x percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.12.0-haproxy and percona/percona-xtradb-cluster:8.0.31-23.2 ?

Greetings, @ivan.farinic.
Our “Version service” is in charge of this matter. You may refer to percona-version-service/pmm.2.37.0.pmm-server.json at main · Percona-Lab/percona-version-service · GitHub to access a list of available operators. Afterward, check out percona-version-service/operator.1.12.0.pxc-operator.json at main · Percona-Lab/percona-version-service · GitHub for detailed information regarding the operator components.

thanks for your answer. Do you have idea if those images will be used on remote cluster registered on DBaaS?

Yes, DBaaS is based on our operators, and these are the versions of the components used by Percona operators.

thank you. could you please better explain how i can setup? I have no idea ho I can implement it. Many Thanks.

@ivan.farinic, you can see the list of the DB versions when you deploy DB. This is where the image related to a specific version is selected.

yes, i can see the same list of versions

So this is formed based on the list of available versions from the Version service.
Some additional tech details you can get from DBaaS team (@Peter_Szczepaniak or @Andrew_Minkin )

Hi folks. could you please help me how i can use it in my PMM? Thnaks.

@Peter_Szczepaniak @Andrew_Minkin , could you please help me how i can set the image repositories for PMM ?

Hello, @ivan.farinic. We do not support this feature at the moment.