Unable to override the image and repository detail in the helm chart of psmdb-db in no internet environments

We are using the K8S version 1.19.3 and 1.10 versions of psmdb-db charts.
We found that, overriding the repository and image detail in the values.yaml does not work as expected.

The percona/percona-server-mongodb:4.4.8-9 image is always getting downloaded from the internet although the values.yaml is referring to the local docker registry that has the same version of the image available.

     repository: localregistry:5000/percona-server-mongodb
     tag: 4.4.8-9

Looking for pointers to get around this issue in offline (no internet access) environments.

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Hi @siva !
I believe automatic upgrade is enabled in your setup, please set the following option apply: disabled it is placed under upgradeOptions section.
This option is set to disabled in the latest versions, but in 1.10.0 it was still set to some value.

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Hi @Tomislav_Plavcic

That solved the issue.
Thanks a lot for the pointer.