missing data in PMM

Hi all.
I’m using latest version of pmm : 1.10.0
Added about 32 mysql server hosts into it.
But the data from client appear slowly and missing a lot in pmm.

I checked the /prometheous page, status/target and see that a lot of endpoints show that : state = UNKNOWN and Last Scrape : Never.

So the question is:

  • how can I force PMM server to scrape all targets?
  • if not, what is the delay time? I waited for more than 2 hours and there still be a lot of targets that are never scraped.


Data should appear pretty much instantly, chose range like last 15 minutes to have it more visible.

I would check “prometheus” dashboard to see resource usage. Your server might be overloaded.

hi Peter,
Thank you for your response,
The data in Prometheous dashboard is missing too. It shows that the CPU usage is about 10% and pretty much ram is free.
Can you tell me which log i should check in this case?

You will find that the Prometheus log is useful to understand why the scrapes are failing, check the log /var/log/prometheus.log in the container. If you can share some of these entries this will help us better troubleshoot your installation.

I faced the same issue. I’m 1.0.8 and I couldn’t migrate to a newest version than I have.
Graphics are chopped (i.e. MySQL Overview - very basic dashboard)