pmm-client docker container

do u have a plan to make pmm-client docker container like pmm-server ?
i think it makes deploy easy.

we recommend run pmm-client locally on server with database, because in this case

  • Query Analytics can read queries from slow log (not performance schema).
    this approach generate less monitoring load.
  • node_exporter can get local OS statistics (like CPU, HDD load, memory paging etc).
    OS statistics is very important for successful performance debug.

it’s local mysql - pmm env, i mean, aws ec2 (coreOS) - rds env .

if you are using percona server docker container, we are going to add pmm-client inside our official Percona Server for MySQL docker container.

RDS situation will be fixed (I think we’ll start mysqld_exporter for RDS inside pmm-server container)
you can follow