How to run pmm-client as docker container?

Hi. I’m trying to run Percona monitoring and management software. I’ve just installed pmm-server using docker image ( I also noticed pmm-client is also available as a docker image.(1. 2. But there is no documentation that mentions running pmm-client as a docker container. Is it possible to run pmm-client as a docker container or it’s not recommended?

Thank you.

Hi @rnmkr

  • Please set next variables for running pmm-client in a docker container:




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Thank you @adivinho running pmm-client has any limitations? Like node exporter and friends might need some extra configurations etc?

For now, I installed pmm-client with package manager.

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No additional configurations are required for exporters. If “pull” metrics mode is used than ports 4200[0…] have to be opened for your pmm-server on a monitored node.

@rnmkr Thanks for pointing this.

The documentation for docker in but not linked in the menu (. It Will be fixed soon and updated

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What about specific services?
Can we setup for example mysqld_exporter automatically on container start?

I installed it manually but on container restart it loses the specific exporter setup, just the basic node_exporter is present on restart.

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I’ve been looking inside the script and it seems that there is a way (but not documented) to inject a prerun script that does the job of post startup actions like adding more services/exporters.
The prerun script has to be included inside docker-compose yaml file via environment variable PMM_AGENT_PRERUN_SCRIPT following the path to your custom shell script.