Pmm-client container json logs


I have docker container with image percona/pmm-client:2.41.1 and I need logs from agent in the JSON so I can push them into ES.

I know that pmm-agent tool has flag --json unfortunately this cannot be used during start of the container because container using entrypoint in GO that does not support this flag. I also tried to use env PMM_AGENT_JSON but without success.

Do you have any idea?

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Jakub Noga.

Hi @Jakub_Noga,
Please file a ticket in our Jira. Not sure if we will be able to work on it in near future.
We always welcome contribution to our project.

The easiest option probably will be binding env variable to --json flag.

Thank you
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Hello Nurlan,

thank you for your reply.

I created a ticket.

Best regards,

Jakub Noga.