PMM 2.x Buffer Pool Size of Total RAM is showing N/A


Monitoring 8 servers and all have N/A in the MySQL /MySQL Instance Summary/Buffer Pool Size of Total RAM


PMM 2.42.0. Used the Quick start guide to install on Debian 10/11/12. Running Percona MySQL 8.0.33

Expected Result:

Show Buffer Pool Size of Total RAM on the MySQL/MySQL Instance Summary.
The correct memory does show on the Home/Dashboard, just not on the MySQL screens

Actual Result:

Shows N/A

Hi @jknight,

Do you have both OS- and MySQL-related metrics working for these nodes? What do you get from the following command run in one of these client nodes?

pmm-admin list

It may be a bug with current versions, but first it would be nice to check if you are indeed having all available metrics needed for it to work. I can spin up a test instance after we can validate this.

Hi Agustin_G,
Yes I have both metrics working for these nodes.

Here is the results from pmm-admin list on one of the nodes
Service type Service name Address and port Service ID
MySQL percona-mysql /service_id/05ffcdc9-907d-42e6-aadc-0028ca3bd243

Agent type Status Metrics Mode Agent ID Service ID Port
pmm_agent Connected /agent_id/6ccc20ae-5a19-45f0-bc69-f6006aaf0479 0
node_exporter Running push /agent_id/13e15b31-ab61-4ed3-a12f-626b9ec9140e 42000
mysqld_exporter Running push /agent_id/a107ccdc-99f9-4cda-b1de-18478697f0b3 /service_id/05ffcdc9-907d-42e6-aadc-0028ca3bd243 42002
mysql_perfschema_agent Running /agent_id/f61888ed-635e-4ecd-9aad-40b470740a8d /service_id/05ffcdc9-907d-42e6-aadc-0028ca3bd243 0
vmagent Running push /agent_id/c38f82e5-d29b-4609-98f8-1bcabfe625d8 42001