pmm 2.0.1 query analytics can not describe the sql explaination

when i chose some sql in query analytics which do not include the database name,
alert the message “no database selected” it is not rational and unfriendly ~~~

i remember the older version do not hv the problem,
hope fix it

Hi Ezail, thanks for raising this. I searched our Jira system (bug reports) and did not find anything similar already recorded, though it would be worth you also checking that out.

Would you be OK to create a bug report? That way you can track the development team’s response and watch for updates on the issue. The URL for Jira is and there is information on the home page about how to raise a new report.

Let me know if you want to do this?


@lorraine.pocklington i hv created a story here, thank you

Great, many thanks for this.