No username no database name in Query Analytics dashboard

Hi, I use PMM v2.4.0 for query analytics. Everything looks fine except absence of username and database in grafana dashboard. Schema name is present. PMM user grants are:


GRANT SELECT ON performance_schema.* TO pmm@%
Percona server version is 8.0.16
What I’m doing wrong?

Are you able to get other metrics from the server (i.e. normal exporter data)?  If I’m reading your issue correctly you were able to add the node with the performance schema flag successfully but nothing is showing on the QAN dashboard for this node?

I can see metrics from mysqld_exporter and node_exporter like  MySQL Performance Schema Details or MySQL User Details. But in Query Analitics dashboard in left pane User and Database sections are 100% n/a  

It looks like you haven’t enabled slow_query_log, or slow_query time very high, or slow_query_log is empty. Check your preferences and slow_query_log is filling. 

I added new service to ppm agent with source slow log and now I can see usernames from slow log entries but usernames from performance.schema  source still unavailable as a filter :confused:

Performance Schema data source does not provide user names. If you want to see user names you need to use Slow Query Log as data source at this point.

ok thank you for clarification