Querry Analytics problem

Hello everyone ,

i have configured recently pmm on my server , then i added another server as client , the problem is i am able to see general configuration of this client also some Mysql metrics , but when i click on Query analytics i got this message :
No data. Please check pmm-client and database configurations on selected instance.

what can i do to solve this problem , help me please

Check that mysql: query is running by typing pmm-admin list.

Make sure

  1. MySQL is configured per https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/using.html#perf-schema
  2. Click PMM-> _PMM Query Analytics Settings
  3. Make sure “Collect from” matches what you have configured at step 1.

hi , thanx to you both for your response ,

that the result of pmm-admin list and pmm-admin check network on my client host to monitor

and i tried to change setting , still doesn’t work :frowning:

Did you check you slow query log? Did it contain some queries? Did you configure your Mysql server slow log? https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/conf-mysql.html#slow-log-settings

I have the same issue with PMM 1.10 and WEB UI is always showing " There is no query data for the selected host. Use the pmm-admin add command to add a monitoring service and try again. For more information, see PMM documentation. "

no errors in qan-api.log and mysql-queries log , check-network and pmm-admin list looks ok. I have not tried with performance schema yet but its broken with slowlog. Last working version was 1.7.0

Mine worked by using direct link of QAN like “IP/qan” , the link inside web GUI is not working and says “no data”