Please help to understand..


Our production is running Mysql and Percona for some time now.
I am rather new to Percona and trynig to setup a dev box where I don’t need all the databases we have in production but just some of them.

In production Percona makes a FULL.0 file which dumps all the databases.

How can I change that to only make a backup of a few databases??

Being DBA for other systems for a long time I can only imagine how dumb do I sound…


For taking a backup of selective databases, you can use mostly two utilities.

  1. mysqldump (
  2. xtrabackup (

If database size is small then mysqldump option is useful otherwise you should go with xtrabackup. Please refer above pages and let us know if you face any issue.

Btw: for selecting specific databases for dump, you can use " -B, --databases" option with mysqldump and for doing the same thing with xtrabackup you can use “–include=’^(db1|db2|db3|mysql). *’” option with regex.