Pg_stat_monitor in unknown status


I installed pg_stat_monitor using tar bundle and followed all the extension creation steps.
But the agent status shows as below. Please advise what could be the reason?
[postgres@sl73gseldbd217 ~]$ pmm-admin list
Service type Service name Address and port Service ID
PostgreSQL /service_id/3a07f557-109c-4ec3-97a9-3435e735d9f0

Agent type Status Metrics Mode Agent ID Service ID
pmm_agent Connected /agent_id/92f4faa5-bc29-4c5a-a1e0-caeeb26de72f
postgresql_pgstatmonitor_agent Unknown /agent_id/367d123c-c594-447b-b28f-8bd1794d7012 /service_id/afd49207-b899-4a21-a9e1-ec6e0b24f2b8

it works perfectly fine when I add pg_stat_statements as below.
postgresql_pgstatements_agent Running /agent_id/ca515951-2939-49a3-b81f-c2fc7b8d0e28 /service_id/3a07f557-109c-4ec3-97a9-3435e735d9f0

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It would be helpful if I can get some advise quickly on the pg_stat_monitor agent issue.

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