Performance tab and Queries tab empty


Performance tab and Queries tab are empty, Metrics tab is ok.
I guess I have to set an MySQL instance.
Since we have a tight firewall rules.
Could please provide what IPs are being used for the PCT service.


In /usr/local/percona/percona-agent/config/agent.conf there is a “link” entry that have all uris for http and web sockets the agent uses. So, you can check for the agent.conf file on your server to have list on it.

10x Mirfan. Very useful info. Didnt want to play with port listening.
Will the Performance tab activate once the DB instance is set up?

10x once again. I am a 1/2 newbie.

I have set up all configs successfully. MySQL Metrics, MySQL Configuration, Query Analytics are all green and checked. However, Performance tab states “There is no data for this MySQL instance. Check the agent status to verify that Query Analytics is running.” and Queries tab states “There is no data for the chosen filters”

Is the problem at your side?

I’m seeing this exact same issue. Everything checks out, but the Query Analytics and Performance does not show any reports, everything else runs fine.
I’ve tried reinstalling and waiting some time, but no luck. Anything obvious I should be checking out?

Hm, I guess it just took sometime for the Queries and Performance to load. It is working this morning.