[QAN] - Query Analytics configuration for PostgreSQL


I have implemented Percona in my environment for PostgreSQL monitoring. All monitoring is happening normally, however when I check in the Query Analytics dashboard, I can only view system queries and not my database queries.

Is there any specific configuration to put in place for QAN? Any PostgreSQL Role permissions?

Attached, I am sending an image for better understanding.

I thank you in advance for your attention.

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Did you install the PMM Agent on your PGSQL server and connect it to PMM Server?

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Hi Matt,

Yes, it was configured correctly. All other metrics are showing correctly as per Percona’s native templates. Only the QAN which doesn’t show me anything related to the database.

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Change the interval to 5m and see if any data shows then. If still not, check the pmm-admin status on the server.

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A question, for QAN to bring the metrics, the monitoring user created needs to be “superuser”??

This question also applies to other Databases such as MongoDB and MySQL.

I’m asking, because all the settings are correct, but analyzing here, I saw that my monitoring users are not superusers.

I’m grateful for the attention.

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I’m not sure for PGSQL; I’ll have to ask one of our PG guys. Did you follow our documentation for setting up proper privileges? I can speak for MySQL, you do not need to be “super user”. In MySQL you typically scrap the slow log file on disk, or you query the performance_schema tables. Neither requires elevated privileges, just the correct privileges.

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I followed yes and managed to find the error, now we are monitoring and the metrics in the QAN are appearing correctly.

Thank you so much for the tips and attention.


can share what u did?