Percona Server tarball for FreeBSD, whereis

On the download page (and other version) i can not find FreeBSD .tgz package of PerconaDB. Once they were accessible, what happened to them?

Ive asked (by email) the same question in technical support of more month back and hasn’t received any answer, even demand acknowledgement of request. Nice supporting)
Team Percona, you still live or the project is dead?

I am not sure what you mean by asking this question of technical support. If you have a support contract with us and you aren’t getting a response on an issue you opened, then the neglected issue has avoided our quality assurance systems.

We had a problem with the download server a while ago, and the builds haven’t all been restored yet. If you need a specific build for a specific platform, please file an issue through the customer support portal.

The Percona Server project is alive and well, as you can see by the recent release history.