Percona Server -- is xtradb enabled?


I just installed Percona Server on a Debian machine
via: apt-get install percona-server-server

When I start mysqld and try to set one of the new variables
Eg. setting the variable “innodb_expand_import”
shows an error that the variable is unknown.

How can I verify I’m using the xtradb enhancements?

locate percona

doesn’t return anything that resembles the innodb plugin

locate xtradb

returns nothing at all

What am I missing here?
Is the Percona Server daemon still “mysqld”?

I’ve been over the documentation, but I have yet to find a guide that helps you with the setup until your first queries.

Please advise.

How are you setting the variable?

Try running these queries from the mysql console and paste the output here.

SELECT @@version, @@version_comment; SHOW ENGINES;