Percona + Munin

I have installed Munin on one of my server. It is configured to monitor all the services (MySQL, Nginx etc). Due to some reason, MySQL innodb graphs are not working. However, these graphs work fine with default MySQL installation (Oracle package). On running any plugin manually following error is appearing .

Unknown section: Main thread process no. 25613, id 1252911424, state: waiting for server activity at /etc/munin/plugins/mysql_innodb_bpool_act line 1091.

Percona 5.5 is installed on the machine.

Any ideas ?

I suspect that there is a bug in the Munin scripts and the same problem would happen with MySQL 5.5. There were a lot of changes to SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS in MySQL 5.5, which Percona Server 5.5 inherits.

Thank you for the update. Will try it using MySQL 5.5 and let you know the results.