Some graphs on Zabbix do not have data

I installed version 1.1.7 of the plugin in Zabbix 2.4.6 to monitor MySQL 5.7.12.

After setting the screen I saw that some graphics are not being displayed, follow the list:
InnoDB Memory Allocation
InnoDB Insert Buffer
MySQL Binary/Relay Logs
InnoDB Internal Hash Memory Usage
InnoDB Current Lock Waits
InnoDB Semaphore Wait Time
MySQL Query Time Histogram (Count)
MySQL Query Response Time (Microseconds)

I looked a bit and saw that the “InnoDB Memory Allocation” chart looks for “Total memory allocated”, but in MySQL 5.7.12 it is “Total large memory allocated”.

After changing the ss_get_mysql_stats.php file, the chart began to be displayed.

I have no time to find out all the modifications needed to get the other graphics working…

Does someone solved this problem and can pass some tips?