PMM with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

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#1 I am using Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL databases and how “PMM PRODUCT/SERVICE” is better in monitoring Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL from it’s native AWS Native Performance Insight, Enhanced Performance MOnitoring,Event,Cloudwatch, Cloud Trail,Event Bridge etc. (Worthy Perspective) ?

#2 In Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, we don’t have OS access. I only have Cluster Endpoints in AWS Aurora PostgreSQL and in that case can “PMM PRODUCT/SERVICE” be configured for Aurora PostgreSQL (Feasibility Perspective)?

#3 If “PMM PRODUCT/SERVICE” is compatible / configurable with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, then does this product keep the logs of database with it (security perspective) ?

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Hi @dipankar2k2002,

#1 We provide PostgreSQL related metrics and Query Analytics which will help you to find bottlenecks and other issues in your DB. Which is a little bit different from what AWS provides AFAIK.

#2 Yes, it’s compatible, it can be added as Remote PostgreSQL Instance via our UI.

#3 No, we don’t keep logs of database on PMM side, PMM collects only prometheus metrics.

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